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This site actively determines the DNS servers that your computer uses by observing how your DNS requests are processed on the internet.

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What is a DNS Server?

When you browse to a URL (website address), the DNS server tells your web browser where to go (the address on the internet where that website is found).

Why should I care?

When you want to go to your bank's website, you want to go to the real bank website and not a fake bank website created by a hacker. If you unknowingly use a DNS server that's run by a hacker, it could redirect your browser to phony and dangerous websites.

What determines which DNS server my computer uses?

There are several settings that determine which DNS server your computer will use:

  • Your DNS server can be configured in the network settings of your Operating System.
  • If you don't configure DNS in your Operating System, then you can set it in the router.
  • If you don't set it in the router, then your ISP decides which DNS server you use.

This is how things are supposed to work. Unfortunately, there are things that could possibly go wrong:

  • Malware on your computer or router could cause your computer to use a rogue DNS server.
  • Different entities can hijack and redirect how your DNS requests are processed. These entities may have different motives for doing this and can include hackers, your ISP or even a government agency.

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How does "What's My DNS Server?" help?

"What's My DNS Server?" actively observes how DNS requests from your computer are resolved and then shows you which DNS server on the internet was used and whether any issues are known about it. You can then verify that the DNS server that you believed was being used was indeed used.

Is there anywhere else where I can get this functionality?

Yes! RouterCheck is a tool that allows you to easily scan your home network for security issues. It not only looks at DNS health, it also checks many other aspects to determine the overall security and privacy of your network. The technology that runs "What's My DNS Server?" is built into RouterCheck along with many other advanced features.

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